Splunk with SAML for authentication: How to obtain certificate or metadata.xml file?

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We are about to integrate Splunk with SAML for authentication, but the SAML team is asking for either the SP certificate file or metadata.xml file.

Can some one please help me where can I get the files from, or which command on Splunk Unix server I should fire to get these files?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Depending on the version you're on it differs a bit.

With 6.5.x you can enter Settings->Access Controls->Authentication Method then click on the 'SAML' radio button option, then click on the 'Configure Splunk to use SAML' link that appears. Once in the SAML Groups page, click on the green 'SAML Configuratin' button in the upper right corner. In the sub-window that pops up there is a button to download the metadata.

In versions prior to 6.5.x (6.4.x, 6.3.x) go to your search head URL at http(s)://:port/saml/spmetadata

NOTE: That URL above will actually work for 6.5.x as well. In previous versions you had to copy/paste the XML from the page to a file, in 6.5.x that URL triggers a download/save of the XML file.

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