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Hello There,

I have been trying to secure my Splunk web using TLS certificates. I followed this link: Configure Splunk Web to use TLS certificates - Splunk Documentation.

Things to know:

I sent a signing request to a CA.

My server certificate file contains only the server certificate and the CA certificate (in this order)

My web.conf is the following:

enableSplunkWebSSL = true
privKeyPath = ..\mycerts\myServerPrivateKey.key
serverCert = ..\mycerts\splunk-web.pem
sslPassword =
startwebserver = true

As a result I can not connect to "This page isn't working right now" and when i restart splunk I get the message "web interface does not seem to be available", plus it takes like 50 min for Splunk to restart.

I suspect the fact that I am not including a CA or .csr file, but I am not sure since it's not indicated in the documentation, plus I tried adding the private key and the .csr file but still had the same error.

Can you help me to know what I am doing wrong please? any help would be appreciated 🙂

have a great day!

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