Splunk SAML configuration is not working

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I have configured splunk with SAML authentication method and it was working fine until last week. We have updated the licence group on splunk get free enterprise version foe next six months. Since then we are not able to redirect to onelogin.
I am seeing empty inputs under Access controls » Authentication method for SAML configuration. When trying to add again, getting error as "SAML has already been configured, Cannot add a new SAML configuration"

Could some one guide me how do i delete existing set up and re configure SAML again? And also Reload authentication configuration is not working.

I can see all settings under SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/ local/authentication.conf.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I want two know :
* Are you using enterprise licence or enterprise trial license

If you have upgraded to enterprise license have you updated "Change license group" to Enterprise license?

Settings > Licensing > Change license group,

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