Splunk Enterprise ready for using Smart-TV Browsers as displaying device?


Hi Splunkers,

this request comes from a Customer but I couldn't find an answer.
His Idea was to use just a bunch of Smart-TVs in a Monitoring room to show Dashboards with periodically auto-refresh or realtime searches.
I could't give him a proper answer this work or not.
On my Mac Safari sometimes a dialog appear which says "Website want to use Flash" and on a Raspberry Pi with 7" HDMI Display (I tested a few month ago) it was not possible to display my splunk-web (maybe only 'out of the box', doesn't test gnash right now). Both are indications it will also not work on Smart-TV browsers.
Anyone suggestions?

Kind Regards

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Is there no royal way to do this? I mean, can't you get access to the dashboards via the REST API just as with PowerBI where you can download a report? Or via a Javascript wrapper where you provide the credentials by your own app?

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Hello, we did some researches on Philips digital signage panel Philips BDL4970EL/00 .(according the Czech law, for every TV tuner, we have to pay monthly fees, so digital signage panel is in long term cheeper). This panel has Opera web browser built in, but even in full hd resolution, the dasboard did not look properly, it was more like resolution 800x600 .
Our main idea was to display some dashboards with splunk Slideshow app.
Result - Basicaly it can work but you have to test the TV/panel you would like to use. Somehow the philips panel could store login information so the splunk login was not necessary.

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