SmartStore: How to encrypt data in-flight with SSL when uploading and downloading to AWS S3?

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I am trying to better understand the encryption of data in-flight when sending data up to AWS S3 and pulling it back down.

The docs page "" (link might not show as I do not enough Karma to post links; I'm talking about the SmartStoresecuritystrategies section of the Indexer documentation) discusses the different SSL settings that can/should be set for SmartStore.

We are looking to use KMS encryption at-rest and the example for it feels lacking for me to understand it. How do we ensure that the data is encrypted in-flight to AWS S3? I am assuming that the KMS encryption is not magically handling the in-flight encryption. Do we need to pull down a cert from AWS to use as the sslRootCAPath or do we need to still generate our own (Public vs. Internal)? Is the only way to do this switching over to sse-c?

Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated!

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All communication to/from S3 is going to be done over SSL, so the encryption is going to be handled for you.  As far as encryption at rest, AWS KMS is going to handle that encryption/decryption on the AWS S3 side to ensure the file is encrypted at rest.

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