Since our company recently changed names, how to get splunkweb to redirect from url to

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Our company recently changed names, and I updated our splunk server (and certificate) from the url to

When I browse to everything is working fine. Browsing to give a certificate error (this is expected) but I'd rather have that url redirect to instead.

But I can't figure out how to get redirect working so that when someone goes to it will redirect (change) the url to

Is there a setting in the splunk web configuration that will do this? Or is this handled somewhere else? On the DNS side, there are two CNAME records: and that both point to the same Amazon AWS instance.

Thanks in advance for anyone who might know how to set this up.

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The problem I see is that in order to send a redirect you have to connect to the service and to connect to to an https service, the service has to present a certificate and the browser will complain if the CN on the cert does not match the full hostname of the URI. So the only way I see this working is if you had a service with a valid certificate of responding on the IP where that FQDN points to which would then send a redirect to the

We have handled similar situations in the past by hosting certs on a load balancer and having it handle redirects, but essentially the flow (and cost of keeping old cert valid) is the same.

One possible solution is a UCC/SAN certificate.

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