Search Unique Source IPs Associated with 10+ Unique Destination IPs


Hi all I’m new to Splunk so forgive my ignorance.  We’re currently using Splunk as a SIEM and I’m having trouble getting a search query put together.

What I’m looking for is:

Show me all unique sources that have initiated ICMP traffic.  I believe that I’m getting the correct results with the following search string.

index="indexabc" dest_port=0 | stats count by src_ip

The additional information I’m looking for is “by unique source IP (above) find those that have 10+ unique destination IPs (dest_ip).”

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Try this.

index="indexabc" dest_port=0 
| stats count, dc(dest_ip) as UniqueDestinations by src_ip
| where UniqueDestinations >= 10
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