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If I wanted to prevent SAML/SSO configurations from replicating to other SHs in a cluster, could I use the 'conf_replication_blacklist.<name>' or something similar to exclude the authentication.conf? Or would that cause more issues outside of just preventing SAML/SSO configs to be unsyncd?

Context - 
We are migrating from onprem servers to AWS servers. The current configurations for SSO/SAML only work for the onprem servers, and we will need new configs for the AWS servers. The configs are in the etc/system/local/authentication.conf, so already at highest precendence.

However, while working on those configurations we don't want to break the working SSO for onprem. We don't want to make it a separate cluster, cause then we'd have to get all the searches/lookups replicated across some other way.

I came across the 'conf_replication_summary.blacklist' and 'conf_replication_include.<conf_file_name> = <boolean>' in the server.conf spec, and was wondering if anyone has any experience using these for authentication.conf and if there are complications I should be aware of? Cause if we could use these to temporarily pause the replication with no real ill effects, that'd be great.

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