SDK JAVA Connection issues -- unable to find valid certification path to requested target

// Log in using a basic authorization header
        // Note: Do not call the Service.login method
        Service service = new Service("", 8089);
        String credentials = "username:password";
        String basicAuthHeader = Base64.encode(credentials.getBytes());
        service.setToken("Basic " + basicAuthHeader);
        // Print the session token
        System.out.println("Your session token: " + service.getToken());

Getting exception this LINE
// Create the job
InputStream exportStream = service.export(mySearch, jobArgs);

java.lang.RuntimeException: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
at com.splunk.HttpService.send(
at com.splunk.Service.send(
at com.splunk.HttpService.get(
at com.splunk.Service.export(
at com.splunk.Service.export(


2 years, over 1,000 views and no answer??? Nice work Splunk....


Please shed the light if you know how to resolve this. I am seeing the same error. The code worked locally but failed when deploy the connection client to weblogic server 12c.

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I have the same issue right now, it stops me from feather development and buying the product.

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