Role with R/W access to app cannot change knowledge object permissions

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I'm trying to do something very simple. I am trying to give a role the ability to edit the permissions of knowledge objects in an app. I have a test VM running 7.0.8 and have followed the instructions to do this in the documentation for this version of Splunk:

However, the users who are given Write and Read access via this role (the default 'user' role) I cannot edit anything but object I create with the user, despite everything I find online suggesting it should be otherwise:

https:// imgur. com/E2GE8hO (User role given write permissions to app)

https:// i.imgur. com/KssRNcn.png (User using this role unable to edit permissions of knowledge object created by another user with the same role)

I don't have the points to post links, just delete the spaces to get them to work.

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