Problems caused by Splunk web interface url


I'm installing Splunk 4.3 on EC2 instance(Linux image) and want to access the Splunk web interface outside of EC2. The problem is every EC2 instance have two DNS, one is privete DNS and the other is public DNS. For example,
private DNS:ip-10-80-201-152.ec2.internal
After I start splunk, it says: The Splunk web interface is at http://ip-10-80-201-152:8000. Actually, this is neither public DNS nor private DNS. It is just a part of the private DNS!
How can get around this problem? Can I change the Splunk web interface url(DNS)?

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Splunk attempts to determine the URL - but it doesn't enforce it anywhere. It is simply listening on port 8000 on your server.

You should be able to access it at http://your.public.address:8000