PCI Compliance App 500 Internal Server Error


I want to install the PCI Compliance App. I have splunk version 4.0.11, build 79031

I did a wget on

then untar/ungzipped the folder to my /opt/splunk/etc/apps directory

I chmod'd the files to 755 and chown'd them to splunk

then I restarted splunk (service splunk stop; service splunk start)

the app shows up in the web interface, but when I click the icon, I get a page with:

500 Internal Server Error SearchException: Error in 'SearchFactory': Unknown search operation: table. You might not have permission to run this operator.

This page was linked to from http://splunk:8000/en-US/app/launcher/home.

You are using splunk:8000, which is connected to splunkd @79031 at on Thu Sep 23 15:17:11 2010.

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Try starting splunk from the comand line with sudo. It worked for me.

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