LDAP in Free version work?

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I have Free version Splunk. I have difficulty in setting LDAP authentication. I created the connection and the rights assigned to the user. but the user can not enter in web: error "is not a valid username or not such user." LDAP is working in the Free version?

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Yes, it works with current Splunk trial version.

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The free splunk do not have ldap (search free vs enterprise). Some people do a reverse proxy config with ldap authentication to workaround this.

The 30 days demo is really a enterprise version and after some fight i manage to put it working with a Windows Active Directory (AD)... but it will probably stop working after the 30days.

here is my config:

SSLEnabled = 0
anonymous_referrals = 0
bindDN = domain\bindusername
bindDNpassword = encoded pass
charset = utf8
groupBaseDN = dc=ad-domain,dc=tld
groupBaseFilter = (objectclass=*)
groupMappingAttribute = dn
groupMemberAttribute = member
groupNameAttribute = cn
host =
nestedGroups = 1
network_timeout = 20
port = 389
realNameAttribute = cn
sizelimit = 1000
timelimit = 15
userBaseDN = dc=ad-domain,dc=tld
userBaseFilter = (&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(mail=*))
userNameAttribute = samaccountname

My main error was the "Group mapping attribute" (ie: groupMappingAttribute in the config), where i put other things and the correct config is dn

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Splunk Employee

The Free version does not have functionality for LDAP or any other kind of user authentication.

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but I get a log with errors:

04-06-2012 11:04:29.393 +0400 ERROR AuthenticationManagerLDAP - Couldn't find matching groups for user="user1". Search filter="(memberuid=uid=user1,ou=People,dc=domain,dc=com)" strategy=""
04-06-2012 11:04:29.393 +0400 ERROR UserManagerPro - LDAP Login failed, could not find a valid user="user1" on any configured servers

ldap work???

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