Is it possible to set a custom message when a user sessions expires, or configure Splunk sessions to never expire?

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When Splunk sessions expire, it brings up a black screen with
"Your session has expired. Log in to return to the system."
However, our users don't know the passwords. We use 'insecure login" URLs with embedded user/password. Still, when session timeout expires, there is an annoying black screen.

So, my questions are:

  • is it possible to configure the session to never expire? Like setting some timeout to -1?
  • is it possible to put a custom message, e.g. "Please reload the page" instead of the default one?
  • may be a better option is to intercept the session expiration in JS and reload the page preventively?

Many thanks.

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Just send your job to the background and have it email a you a retrieval link when you are done. Click on the Jobs -> Send Job to background link.

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You could set a crazy-long timeout like '1y'.

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