How to restrict the user to access part of data in an index not all data

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There is an application which is used by multiple teams and we are ingesting the application logs for each team in a single index. Here we want to restrict each team people should be accessible only their teams logs not all the data in the index. How do i implement it in splunk?

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You could consider using summary indexes. Summary indexes do not count against your licence (they used prior to version 4)

Use summary indexing for increased search efficiency - Splunk Documentation


Access to data is by index.  If you grant a role access to an index then they have access to all of that index.  To control access, each team's application logs should be in separate indexes and each team given access only to the index containing their data.

You may be able to find a workaround using search filters.  Each team (role) would be configured with a search filter that only returns data pertinent to that team.  If you try this be aware that search filters can be bypassed and often have undesired side-effects.

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