How does the user pre-caching of LDAP work?


How exactly does the user pre-caching work with LDAP?
If an AD-group has more then 10,000 users, and the limits.conf is set to:

max_users_to_precache = 1000

Are users then still able to logon ?
Assuming roles are mapped to the specified groups.


Haven't updated this tread.
As we've finally "solved" / worked around it.

It looks like its a combination of two things.
AD max-precache settings and the limits.conf

We decided to create multiple AD groups (where the limit of total account is set to 1500 users, as this is the domain setting).
With this setting we've managed to bypass the limit error and onboarded more then 10k of splunk users.

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Someone from Splunk, care to explain?

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