Experiences with App Deployment on Splunk Cloud


We currently operate on-prem and are considering moving to Splunk Cloud.

A potential blocker is the manual process required to deploy apps in Splunk Cloud. Currently we have a fully automated SDLC pipeline. We have multiple teams who make changes across multiple apps, currently with a weekly deployment cycle but we are about to move to fully automated deployments.

We are informed that we would need to replace this process - where each app would need to be manually assessed and there would be up to two days delay.

I'm interesting in other large customers' experience in this respect. Did you need to change your deployment mechanisms/processes when moving to the cloud? Is it cumbersome? Did you find workarounds?


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The process for deploying apps in Splunk Cloud can vary depending on the nature of the app.  The most simple apps can be uploaded to Splunk, are vetted, and can be installed with a couple of mouse clicks a few minutes later.  More complex apps, especially those with Python code may require manual checking and can take a few days.  All apps installed with a premium app (like Enterprise Security) must be installed by Splunk Support, which can take days.  Likewise for apps that will be installed on an IDM (Input Data Manager).

Regardless of the type of app, it's likely the automated deployment process will have to change.  How it will have to change is impossible to say without knowing more about how you deploy apps.

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