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I need to download a large search from Splunk - 800k+ events. The download starts, but then I get a "webpage not available" after about 15 seconds. Splunk web appears to be up, so I'm not sure what the issue is. Maybe memory issue on the browser, or download size. Any recommendations on how to work around this?

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Most likely, the search is taking longer than the browser's timeout for an unresponsive website. You could try a different browser (or find the hidden config setting for your browser that changes the timeout).

How long does it take the search to run interactively?

If the search for the 800k+ events takes too long, you can run the search manually, then when the results are in, you can hit "Share" and copy down the link it generates. This will save the current resultset (i.e. it will not change when new data arrives) and make it more or less instant to pull up. Open that link in another tab, and you can export the results instantly.


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It's not the search - that works and finishes. When I click export and download, then it crashes.

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