Can I email a licensing alert before it becomes a violation


With the latest versions of splunk we have licensing alerts that warn you are approaching a licensing limit and advising you to correct it before midnight but you need to be logged on to see them. Is there a way of making these alerts email me so I have a chance to do this before I get the violation?

I have seen plenty of searches for violations and have seen a search in the Deployment Monitor app for throughput volumes per pool but none that can compare this with the current pool size and alert if it is approaching or over.


I have the Search code you need here.
link text

I am still waiting for one peace of help on this.

Read my post to get the code

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Thanks but it isn't quite what I wanted.

Your search finds data indexed for the day but doesn't compare this to the license pools. I want something dynamic I can put on multiple servers without having to check which pool they are in and what size it is.

PS I answered the date problem.

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