Accessing Remote Systems with Splunk workgroup / domain


Hi Everyone, need some advice on how i should go about this little issue i have with Splunk.

I want to be able to index all of my workstations and servers on my network, it seems possible but im not sure how. The reason for this is that the workstations are all tied into an active directory domain, but the servers are all still workgroup systems.

there is no common user account between them all, so i can set the splunk service to take on the roll of the domain user OR the work-group user but ive not figured out if i can do both.

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Re: Accessing Remote Systems with Splunk workgroup / domain


I recommend using Regular or Lightweight Forwarders on your remote systems rather than pulling the logs via WMI. This way you don't need to run your main splunk indexer as one specific account. Have a look at the documentation here:

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