how to open pdf/word document in new tab


i have a pdf/word file in splunk server. i want to open the file in new tab when a user clicks the link.i tried with HTML and it was not working.

<a href="h:/helpfile/newdocument/document.pdf" target="_blank">help with data</a>
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The url you give in your question prompts the browser to look for that file on the users h drive and not on the splunk server. For security reasons you can not just point to any folder on the splunk server.

There is a way round this by uploading a file inside an app and then using its correct link. Let's say you have created an app called documentation. Go to manage apps> Click Edit Properties for your app. Upload your file with Upload assetand save

Once it is there, you can link to it with. "/static/app/documentation/MyFile.pdf" so you can make your html..

<a href="/static/app/documentation/MyFile.pdf" target="_blank">help with data</a>
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After uploading pdf with blow mentioned steps  pdf got saved to folder  etc\apps\Myapp\appserver\static  folder.

But in this case /static/app/Myapp/MyFile.pdf  is not working . 

Can you please tell me what may be wrong  ?





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@premranjithj can it be uploaded to your Splunk app's appserver/static folder?
Sample path like below:


If not, by default browser will not allow you to load local resources as it will expose malicious activity, you will have to host Help pdf file on a server and anchor should point to that http/https URL.

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does it open in the same tab or doesn't work at all?

BTW the link is broken: h:/helpfile/newdocument/document.pdf

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