change font issue in pdf reports


We have some scheduled pdf reports with Traditional Chinese characters in them,

but the default font (MSung-Light) for Traditional Chinese characters that used in pdf generate is not built-in in Adobe Acrobat Reader,

And our company 's policy don't allow us to download any font package from internet.

In Splunk 7.3.3,

we can put windows-built-in font (PMingLiU.ttf) in to $SPLUNK_HOME/share/splunk/fonts/ 

and splunk will use it instead of default font (MSung-Light) in pdf generation,

therefore, we can read the pdf report without download any font package.


But when we upgrade to Splunk 8.1.3,

It's not work anymore,

all the Traditional Chinese characters in pdf is all garbled,

How can we solve this issue?

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