Weird issue with LDAP users and saved searches

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I've been having issues with saved searches not displaying properly. The strange thing is that this only applies to some searches and only for LDAP users.

For example the search string:

source="WinEventLog:Security" host=snzclakl098 eventid = 4625 | stats count by AccountName

Works fine normally but when saved as a search and re-run gives this error - not enough karma to upload pictures 😞

[SimpleResultsTable module] [HTTP 404] lyeW9uZyBseQsearchtestsearch1347410436.4208/resultspreview?count=50&timeformat=%25s.%25Q&outputtimeformat=%25Y-%25m-%25dT%25H%3A%25M%3A%25S.%25Q%25z&output_mode=xml; [{'text': 'Unknown sid.', 'code': None, 'type': 'FATAL'}]

what's weird is that this only applies to LDAP users, where as if I use a local user there's no problem.

Is it something to do with the fact that it's a flashtimeline search but it's got the stats command? I notice that without the stats command the searches are fine.. but any kind of tabling or charting seems to have issues.. again only for LDAP users.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Weird issue with LDAP users and saved searches

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so for anyone who sees this, we worked it out to be the space in between the user names that caused the issues. Apparently this will be fixed in a couple of releases time.

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