Requested Saved Search is Unknown


Has anyone else experienced this issue?

When trying to open a link to splunk to display the results of a saved search, I receive an error message indicating that the search has expired but that I can choose to run it again if I so choose (the dispatch.ttl is set for 24p and the search runs in a 24 hour time period, and it occurred over the weekend, so it was expired.) Upon clicking to rerun the search tho, I received the following error message:

The following requested saved search is unknown: "Web Errors last 1 hr". As a result, Splunk is unable to redirect to a view.

Does anyone know why this occurs or how I may be able to resolve the problem?

Thanks in advance

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This is probably because the saved search (or report) does not have the permissions set properly. Most likely this is because ‘Sharing’ is set as Private. Try setting the permissions on the proper roles or set it to Global or something more inclusive.

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