Report acceleration stopped working


I setup around 15 reports to be accelerated. Everything worked fine till about couple of hours ago.
Now all reports are showing as Pending (including the dm_ reports that came with the Deployment Monitor app) and they are not updating any more. This probably happened after I added some new inputs and restarted Splunk couple of times.

Any idea what to check? There are no searches running at all on the server and, while it's indexing about 20 GB per day, CPU usage is like 7%.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You may want to try rebuilding the report acceleration summaries by going to Manager > Report Acceleration Summaries, clicking the Summary ID and then rebuild.

As for the "Pending" state, what version of Splunk are you using? You may be hitting this bug, which was fixed in 5.0.2: "Status of a summary is always pending unless it's building. (SPL-56451)"


Splunk's version is 5.0.2, running on a 32-bit machine (if that matters).

All reports show as Pending, last update was almost 2 days now.

I selected rebuild for one of the Deployment Monitor's acceleration reports and now it's sitting as Summarization not started Updated: 1d 22h 12m ago

Looks to me as if something got messed up with the scheduler for report acceleration.

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