Passing parameters to savedsearches.conf


I have a dashboard set up which captures the error logs happened in the last 2 hours. I need to modify it to include a pulldown for the time .. like instead of last 2 hours, the user should be able to select in the last 4 hrs, 8 hrs etc.. The search is defined in savedsearches.conf. And I am looking for a way to pass in the selected time parameter to the saved search. Please

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Re: Passing parameters to savedsearches.conf


You need the TimeRangePicker TimeRangePicker module in your Advanced XML:

<module name="TimeRangePicker">
   <param name="searchWhenChanged">True</param>
   <param name="selected">All time</param>
   <module name="SubmitButton">
     <param name="updatePermalink">True</param>
     <param name="allowSoftSubmit">True</param>

And you can create custom time ranges with a times.conf in your apps.

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