How to send an email when a new dashboard is created?

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Is there a way to alert users that a new dashboard has been created via email?
Meaning, every time I create a new board userxyz gets an email with a link to the board.

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I can think of a way using a rest call to get existing views, and then having an "exclusion list" that represents those that have already been alerted for. Unfortunately I couldn't find a "created" field on these dashboards so someone else might know, but I kind of like the idea of having a csv of known "alerted" dashboards. Example:

| rest /services/data/ui/views  
| search isDashboard=1 NOT 
    [ | inputlookup knownDashboardsList.csv
    | table title]

Essentially, make a rest call to obtain all dashboards, and search those that aren't in some csv that you populate when you've alerted on a new dashboard. Run this once a week or so, and then schedule a task to make sure you update the csv whenever it triggers!

Hope this helps!

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