How to run a report and write results only once in a scheduled time window ?

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Hi All,

I have a report that should run for example between the time period 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm with a frequency of every 5 min from monday to friday.
The report is a join of two indexes and the report gives results from first index when there are records indexed in second index that is linked to a batch job completion in unix server and this job is uncertain when it will finish but generally finishes between 8 pm and 10 pm. So for example on monday the job is finished at 8.27 pm and our report starts executing from 8.00 pm :
8.00 - ko;
8.05 - ko;
8.10 - ko;
8.15 - ko;
8.20 - ko;
8.25 - ko;
8.30 - ok; so it should stop executing the next runs on that day.

Similarly other days in the same way. Could you please help me if you have know how to achieve this ?

Many thanks!

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Why not have the report run once at 10pm?

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That was just an example. In my scenario i don't have the fixed time. sometimes the job is finished on the same day. sometimes on the next day morning. So I don't have particular time to define and don't want to wait untill the fixed time for all days if the job is finished early.

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