How to format _time field in results email?


Finally got the csv results sent out in emails to only include the relevant info by using the "fields - xxxx,_raw" statement, however, the _time field that's included by default is sent out only as the epoch timestamp.

I'm sure I can use "fields - xxxx,_time,_raw" to get rid of the epoch version, but what would be the syntax to get a FORMATTED timestamp back in the output along the lines of:


for each event line? Looked at the "format" operator, and tried looking up "format _time" and "timestamp formatting output" to no avail in the docs.


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Pipe it to convert:

| convert ctime(_time) as timestamp 

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And five years later, I was struggling to find the command that formats a field without actually changing the actual value of the field. This five year old answer is one that kept turning up. If anyone still reads this, I would really recommend looking into fieldformat instead. This command has been around since 6.0, so it wasn't available five years ago.

I noticed with convert that you can have some unexpected results, because it changes the sorting order, e.g. in the output of stats, eventhough you might sort before using convert.

Check out fieldformat:

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I have used the convert command to format timestamp:

| convert ctime(_time) as datetime timeformat="%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S"

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Pipe it to convert:

| convert ctime(_time) as timestamp 
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