How do I send an email to a user dynamically using adaptive response?

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Hello Team ,

i have written a query and mapped using a lookup table to get the email ID of a user. i am trying to send an email to this user dynamically using adaptive response to send the email.

I would like to use :- $result.Email$ , but it is not sending the email to the user .

However, if in the search i use sendemail and send email, it gets delivered to user correctly

is there any thing missing while sending dynamic email notification in notable events ?

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Normally I'd recommend sendresults for this task, but it might not work well with an adaptive response..., so I'm adding this as a comment and not an answer.

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I have created an alert action and this will pass script name and results generated from search. Script is written in python which will use results to send email notification to users dynamically with custom html body.

If this helps, give a like below.
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