How can I include an HTML in the footer when sending an email through Splunk infrastructure?


I am sending an email trough splunk infrastructure, it's not related at all with Alarms. I'm just using Splunk to send an email from the dashboard trough Javascript

 var searchSendEmail = "| sendemail to=" + to + " from=" + from + " subject=" + subject +  " message=" + message;
 sendEmail = new SearchManager({
                earliest_time: "-24h@h",
                search: searchSendEmail

How can I include HTML in the footer so I can apply some branding to my email ? I wanted to put an Image in it. I'm not looking for a pdf solution


@greggz, although this does not answer the HTML part, but footer is an optional parameter for sendemail command which you can use to change the default Splunk email Footer text with the footer text of your choice. Refer to the documentation:

Check out Alert Manager App which allows you to use/modify email template for alerts

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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@niketnilay For some reason that parameter didn't work for me, it didn't overwrite the default.

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