How can I extract aggregated data from a report in Splunk?

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We receive web access logs in Splunk.

I created a report in Splunk that aggregates the data( web access logs) , information like total number of calls and total number of error calls per customer.

I saw that I can easily extract the data in JSON format from the report using the Splunk UI but I need to do this programmatically cause I need afterwards to send the file to a different place.

How can I achieve this?

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You can run regular searches directly from the cli.

To run a saved search, you'll need to use | savedsearch, which means you have a pipe in there, which means if you are using Windows it might get tricky.  Linux has less problem with that issue.

Another option, possibly/probably better, is rest.

Again, linux this is easy, in windows you'll have to find "curl" somewhere.


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