How can I configure an embedded search to display results in a table?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Using the embedded report feature, how can I configure it so that the results are displayed in a table view instead of another visualization.

When we use the URL provided by the embed feature it will only show whatever visualization is shown on the visualization tab and NOT a table (stats tab). I must be overlooking something, this is a key and needed "visualization" for how we want to leverage this capability.


At present, and somewhat to Flynt's point, it appears if you have already gone through the process of creating a saved search and didn't select to not have a visualization the only way to disable the visualization is to add the following to the appropriate stanza in the savedsearch.conf file. There is perhaps something in the UI that I have missed. = 0

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The embed feature will present the report based on the view you saved the report in. If you selected a visualization, the embed will show whatever visualization chosen. If you saved the report using the events tab, it will show events, if you chose the statistics tab, it should show a stats table.