Current time in SimData event attributes


Using SimData to manufacture some artificial events into our Splunk world. However, SimData not allowing or provided any API which allows to set System date ( current date) to any attributes in event.

entity User {
    init {
        id = "bot-id";
    every(spinOffPriquency m) {
        var sessionID = Guid();
        emit LogUserRequest {
                               instanceId: id
                             observationTime: <Current Time>;

Above example, I want to set observationTime to current system time. I don't see any method/api DLS (domain specific language) [page][1]

Some extent Template allows to set current time using {{_time}} but, this wont hit to template as an splunk event.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This is a good point. Seems like we need a time function that takes a format and returns a string representation of the current simulation time. I'll try to get it into the next release.

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