Btool multiline values don't have the '\' between lines that conf files have. How do I make them appear?

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Running btool to create a combined config file from default and local doesn't give me a working config file because the line continuation marks are missing:

A search in the existing savedsearches.conf looks like:

search = source="/path/to/logfile.log" checkoutId (checkoutWithVas OR checkoutWithNoVas)\
| regex "checkoutId=[\w\d-]{32}" \
| rex "Domain: (?[\w\d.]+) Path:"\

While the output of btool looks like:

search = source="/path/to/logfile.log" checkoutId (checkoutWithVas OR checkoutWithNoVas)
| regex "checkoutId=[\w\d-]{32}" 
| rex "Domain: (?[\w\d.]+) Path:"

Any way to make them magically appear?

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I tried that, worked this problem out when splunk complained about the config I had dumped to file.

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Try dumping it to a file; it is possible that the terminal process is eating them when displaying to STDOUT.

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