Before a report's scheduled time, can we manually execute a scheduled report and have results available for saved searches in a dashboard?


Can we manually execute a scheduled report before its scheduled time and have results available for saved searches in dashboard?


You can manually scheule a report or saved search before its set scheduled time - Yes
Using its results can be done if you are collecting the results in a summary index, and then use the summary index in your dashboard

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I have created a saved search which execute at 4 hours interval. Based on it i have a dashboard panel which uses its result( I am using loadjob for that in post process query). The thing is that sometime i need to re-execute the saved search before its scheduled time so that i have fresh result.

Loadjob fetches the latest run result. If somehow, the saved search can be executed before four hour interval also, then change in schedule is not required.

That is why i am asking, is it possible. If so, how?

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