Any values like $name$ for sending table inline in JIRA Service Desk

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I have a table that I am returning from the search below:



| search "[*._reprovision()] - [WARNING]"  | dedup CORP_ACCT_NBR 
|  rex field=_raw "(?<BROKEN_ACCOUNT>Failed to Provision)"
| table CORP_ACCT_NBR , BROKEN_ACCOUNT, _raw, _time




And I am using the JIRA Service desk and I wanted to know if there were any values similar to $name$ that allows me to send my table inline when the extension doesn't offer the option.

Also, is there a reference of all available variables similar to $name$ that can be referenced somewhere? I cannot seem to find a list of these anywhere.  

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Strings enclosed within '$' are called 'tokens'.  Fields can be used as tokens and there are built-in tokens, as well.  See

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