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Why are my posts awaiting moderation?



I'm a relatively long-time Splunk user, and suddenly my posts are awaiting moderation. Can someone explain this to me?

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Hi @a212830

Answers was getting 100s (at one point over 1000) spam posts a day for the past couple of months, so there were (and currently are) spam filters in place to catch content based on certain criteria. I just saw your post a couple minutes ago and already published it for you, but I edited it first to wrap your props.conf stanza in a sample code box to render special characters correctly. This is important as regular expressions will not appear accurately on this site, especially things like * and \. Also, since it wasn't wrapped in a code box, it was flagged by a spam filter that catches posts that have a high number of special characters (not a-z, 0-9).

We're still working on getting the settings right to avoid false positives as much as possible, but during regular business hours PST, someone will be available to publish your posts soon after it is sent to moderation.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but we are monitoring the site pretty closely to make sure your content goes through. Thanks for your patience!



As a user of the RSS feed, I fully support this change. I thought it was odd when I checked the feed and only had 153 items (all of which were legit).


@ppablo [Splunk] ♦♦ Hi, I just joined Splunk answers to ask a technical question but my post was also "in moderation", can you help me change the status? Thanks a lot!

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@ ppablo [Splunk] ♦♦

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@ppablo_splunk Hi, I also just joined Splunk answers but my post is also in moderation, can you please help me? Thank you 🙂

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Loves-to-Learn Lots

@ppablo_splunk Hi, this is my second question posted, first one went through but this one is put on moderation, can you please help me as well-

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It happened to me recently, too. I think it was because of some attempted hacking. Having everything I posted go to moderation only lasted for a day or so, then things were back to normal...

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