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What are possible Splunk Digital Intelligence use cases



I've been working on Splunk for quite some time now. I've been asked to think of Splunk implementation from the digital intelligence use case perspective. I’ve looked at Splunk website and some use cases mentioned in the case studies of customers. However, I feel Splunk might be more powerful in the digital intelligence domain. I’m listing some probable list of use cases for Splunk digital intelligence.

  1. To analyze incoming log data from different digital channels like mobiles, tabs, desktops, laptops etc.

Please help me confirm my understanding. Also, please help me in identifying new set of use cases for digital intelligence.

Thank You,

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Hi Neeraj,

I am also looking about Web Analytics on splunl and especially I am interested how it can compete tools like GA.

From beginning, I want to point two types of analytics:

  1. You can put tags and send data to the cloud (Google Analytics and other tools)
  2. You can analyse logs, where you can find many information such as click, visits, conversions and etc.

As you know, splunk it is the second point. In addition you can use snippets and they are closly to tags and will manage other actions to you.

In general Splunk has following advantages in this field:

Real-time reporting
- Unlimited segmentation and segmentation on the fly
- Ability to easily correlate web logs with other important data sources
- Ability to drilldown to individual visitors/customers
- Understand server side interactions
- Breaking data silos between IT and business

Splunk can do the following actions:
- Capture both client and servers side data for web
- Real-time insights into customer behavior, product analytics Combine & Correlate across digital channels and with IT data
- Delivering analysis for data in Hadoop

Use Cases:

  • Understanding customer behaviour
  • Product Analytics
  • Mobile Application Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • External Banner Analytics (need some adjustments)

The last things:
You can store all your data inhouse, drill down to the particular session, create alerts and enrich data from your DWH or other systems.

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My advice would be to talk to Splunk's marketing or sales team, and visit Splunk's site. There are whitepapers, case studies, customer testimonials...


Yes Ayn, you are right, Digital Intelligence (DI) is a broad term and may have a vast set of possible solutions/use cases. That's why I'm trying to think of some potential use cases of DI where power of Splunk can be leveraged.

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Please define "digital intelligence"? To me it sounds like a very generic phrase that could be used to describe pretty much anything.

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