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.conf22 Platform Product Announcements

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Today we announced the next generation of the Splunk Platform with new enhancements to Splunk Cloud Platform and the general availability of Splunk Enterprise 9.0, empowering customers with increased access to more data sources from edge to cloud, time to action when incidents arise, ability to secure and scale deployments with streamlined administration and greater extensibility.

End-to-end visibility through expanded data access and optimized storage for greater customer choice, control, and cost savings:

  • Data Manager for Splunk Cloud Platform delivers a scalable data onboarding experience across Amazon Web Services and Azure today, with Google Cloud Platform support available later this summer, providing an easy-to-manage hybrid cloud control plane of data flowing into Splunk within minutes.
  • Ingest Actions helps customers get data to the right places, in the right shape, and at the right time with granular controls to take action on data through filtering, masking, and routing of data in motion within the Splunk Platform or to external AWS S3 storage. 
  • Splunk Enterprise 9.0 extends cost effective cold storage beyond Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, to now include Microsoft Azure with SmartStore for Azure helping self managed Splunk Enterprise customers reduce operating costs by up to 70%. 

Rapid investigation and action through deeper investigation and an optimized administrative experience to address outages and security attacks without business disruption: 

  • With the expansion of Federated Search, Splunk enhances and simplifies investigation and search across hybrid cloud environments by providing users and administrators of the Splunk Platform a unified, single pane view of their entire Splunk ecosystem enabling quicker actionable insights.  
  • Splunk Assist is a new fully managed cloud service within Splunk Enterprise 9.0 that provides customers with deep insights into their security environment, leveraging insights from cloud deployments for a richer administrative experience.
  • The new Search and Dashboard Experience (Public Preview) is an investigative and analytical experience for Splunk Cloud Platform customers that accelerates the data-to-insight workflow and empowers more users with a point-and-click analytics experience.

Expanding the power of the Splunk platform with more ways to build and customize applications to extract greater business value from data insights:

  • With the enhanced Splunkbase experience offering curated collections over 2,500 purpose-built apps and integrations, customers can easily apply the power of the Splunk portfolio to a large variety of data-centric use cases. Combined with our partner ecosystem of over 2,400 partner organizations can integrate third-party data sources to discover, deploy, and manage apps built to help customers turn data into doing. 
  • Now in preview, the Splunk Cloud Developer Edition lets developers easily create and test their applications, reducing time-to-value for enterprises building on, for, and with the Splunk Cloud Platform. 

Additionally, Splunk platform now ships with an improved security posture. Explore my community post on this topic to learn more about how Splunk Enterprise 9.0 includes an updated set of security settings including secure TLS configurations across all nodes, user-friendly search processing language (SPL) safeguards, improved secrets and password management, semantic versioning of search APIs, native smart-card (CAC/PIV) support, and additional security updates.

I’m guessing you must be itching for more details on these exciting updates! You can find them in our .conf22 Platform blog, check out what’s going on virtually right now, or watch everything on demand after on .conf online in September.

Pumped?! Let’s see it in the comments!

Judith - Platform Product Marketing Manager

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