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.conf 21 Splunk Observability and IT Ops Product Announcements

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Greetings Admins, Ops leaders, SREs, Developers, and then some! It’s my first time posting for you all here, in our Splunk Community, so I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and share some of our exciting updates coming with our .conf21 event this week!

I’m Nico, and I work as part of our Observability Product Marketing team here at Splunk! I have a passion for our users, and I love to learn about all of the inventive and amazing things that they’re doing with observability in order to ship code faster and provide amazing customer experiences!

Now…on to the exciting stuff!

In order to help you address complexity and provide you with a comprehensive solution to monitor and troubleshoot any issue in your environment, we continue to invest in our enterprise-grade observability capabilities at Splunk. These include Splunk Observability Cloud, Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), and Splunk IT Essentials Work

We’ve got some hot new innovations we’re adding to Splunk’s Observability portfolio, to help you solve your modern monitoring challenges. 

Here is a Summary of our Observability Announcements:

  • Splunk Observability (Log Observer) integration with Splunk Enterprise (Preview)*
  • Splunk APM AlwaysOn Profiling (Preview)*
  • Splunk APM Database Visibility (Preview)*
  • Splunk RUM for Mobile Apps (GA)
  • Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring AutoDetect (Preview)*
  • Splunk Observability Cloud for Mobile (GA)
  • OpenTelemetry eBPF Collector Donation
    IT Essentials Learn & Work (GA)
  • Splunk App for Content Packs (GA)
  • New Microsoft365 Content Pack (GA)
  • New 3rd party APM Content Pack (GA)
  • New Synthetic Monitoring Content Pack (GA)
  • New Observability Cloud Content Pack (Preview)

And now…on to the Details of our Innovations:

Observe Any Environment with Deeper Integrations and Expanded Use Cases 

First, we are previewing the Splunk Observability integration with Splunk Enterprise via Splunk Log Observer. This integration will let you use the Log Observer interface directly within Observability Cloud and access data you’re already sending to your existing Splunk instances. (Freebie note!…If you happen to be an existing Splunk Enterprise customer who has Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, Splunk APM, or Splunk Observability Cloud licenses, you can leverage Splunk’s intuitive Log Observer Interface at no extra cost, and usually without having to write any new SPL.


And for you developers and service owners out there, we are also previewing AlwaysOn Profiling in Splunk APM, to provide visibility of code-level performance, linked to trace data, in order to troubleshoot production issues faster. 


To further assist in troubleshooting and optimization, Splunk APM’s Database Query Performance, now in preview, might be worth checking out too, as it helps find issues faster in distributed systems by showing queries and latency specific to a service and database interaction. 

With the general availability of Splunk RUM for Mobile Apps, we’ve added end-to-end visibility of native mobile apps to help monitor and deliver great customer experiences on iOS and Android. Splunk RUM now supports both web browsers and mobile apps, with end-to-end tracing to backend services, to get you the complete picture of the end-user experience. With significant momentum planned for Splunk Synthetic Monitoring, we continue to deepen Splunk’s digital experience monitoring capabilities with extended full-fidelity visibility to help you deliver a great customer experience.  


In addition to these new innovations, we’re excited to announce that we are going mobile! Splunk Observability Mobile enables on-call SREs and developers to access all critical Observability Cloud dashboards and alerts on the go (freedom from your desktop!). It provides intuitive visualizations allowing you to better understand alert details right from your Apple or Android phone for faster triage, or to simply view your real-time dashboards to check up on the health of your environments. Mobile access is included with any Splunk Observability Cloud license.


Free Out-of-the-Box Capabilities for Faster Time to Value

If that wasn’t enough, we’re also previewing a new feature in Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring called AutoDetect, which automatically discovers infrastructure anomalies such as high container restarts, or pods remaining in pending status, and intuitively incorporates alert status into dashboards. This simplifies the onboarding process and accelerates time-to-value via out-of-the-box problem detection for critical components. 

Additionally, the new Splunk App for Content Packs acts as a one-stop shop for prepackaged content to address common monitoring and troubleshooting use cases in our IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) and IT Essentials Work products — including new Content Packs for managing Microsoft 365, Third-party APM tools and Synthetic Monitoring. Lastly, we are previewing a new content pack for Observability Cloud, which provides integration with data from Splunk APM, Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, and Splunk Synthetic Monitoring into a single, unified Service Analyzer view within Splunk ITSI for complete, full-stack service visibility and management.

Finally, as we recently announced at KubeCon, we will continue our leadership and contributions to OpenTelemetry with the donation of the eBPF Collector. Based on the technology acquired last year from Flowmill, the collector enables network observability for modern cloud applications. Specifically, the eBPF Collector allows accurate, complete models of cloud network dependencies and service health to be built without any changes to code or container images.

Want to try Some of our new Goodness on for Size? Or Want to Learn More?

Most of this is available through our existing free trial experiences. And you can always learn more about the new generally available features in our Splunk Docs.

If you haven’t explored Splunk’s Observability portfolio yet, you can dive right in here to see how you can expand your use cases, and make your operations better - and life easier! Thanks for reading through these cool new observability updates! Make sure to connect with us on what you’re most excited about! Make a comment below, if you'd like to share your feedback with us 😁

As Janet Jackson would say… it’s O11y for you!

— Nico

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