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What's New in Splunk Cloud Platform 9.0.2209?!

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi folks! We are happy to share the newest updates in Splunk Cloud Platform 9.0.2209!

Analysts can benefit from 

  • Faster troubleshooting with Job Inspector in Dashboard Studio to examine search jobs powering visualizations 
  • Enhanced drill-down capabilities in Dashboard Studio with the ability to pass static tokens between dashboards and list all tokens on the target dashboard
  • Streamlined viewing of Dashboard Studio and Classic dashboards on Splunk Mobile with a scannable QR code for each dashboard that automatically registers users and displays the dashboard on their mobile device

Admins can benefit from

  • Easier configuration with a user interface to directly set specific Limits.conf stanzas
  • Improved security management with the ability to limit which domains can import images on their dashboards with the Dashboards Trusted Domains List

For more details 🔎, take a look at the cloud platform release notes.

Your SaaSy (Splunk-as-a-Servicey) Updates,

— Judith Silverberg-Rajna, Splunk Cloud Platform

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