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Platform Highlights | January 2023 Newsletter

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

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January 2023


Peace on Earth and Peace of Mind With Business Resilience

All organizations can start the new year with peace of mind if they prioritize business resilience. Ensuring your business and systems are secure, available and resilient is critical for a successful year of blooming business. Not sure where to start? We’ve been working all year long to make sure you’re prepared, protected and able to bounce back. Learn how in this blog post.



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2022 Splunk Product Review

2022 felt like it went by in a flash. Checkout the highlights of product and feature innovations we released this past year, with a spotlight on the over 80 Splunk Ideas portal enhancements delivered at the suggestion of our user community.




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Dashboard Design: Visualization Choices and Configurations

New year, new dashboards? Learn how to level up your dashboards with our two part dashboard design blog series. In Part 1, we reviewed dashboard layout design and provided some templates to get started. In this Part 2, we’ll be walking through various visualization types and the best ways to configure them for your use case, and explain the best visualization color palette types to effectively communicate your story.



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Cloud Monitoring Console

You’ve probably heard of Workload Pricing, our cloud pricing model which is based on the workloads you run against the data ingested into Splunk. But how do you get the most out of Workload Pricing? Through the Cloud Monitoring Console, or CMC! Tune in to this video to learn how the CMC gives you visibility and control into how your compute capacity is used.



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What’s New with Splunk Augmented Reality (AR)

Splunk AR enables your workforce to access live data while working on field assets. This enables quicker troubleshooting on the job, and allows technicians to repair issues on the first try, saving companies valuable time and money. This past year at .conf22, we announced a powerful new set of features for Splunk AR, along with we also announced the launch of Splunk AR for Android Private Preview. We’re also announcing that the Splunk Edge Hub and Splunk AR now have a joint Splunkbase app. Let’s dive in!



IDC Report

A Best Practice Blueprint from Customers on Successful Cloud Migration

Moving to the cloud requires planning, well-defined processes, data conversations, and a clear vision for business outcomes. Managing hybrid and multi-cloud adds more to the complexity. In the IDC report, "What Makes a Cloud Migration Successful? A Best Practice Blueprint from Customers," IDC along with two large organizations offer best practices and recommendations for migrating self-managed Splunk Enterprise deployments to Splunk Cloud Platform efficiently to increase agility and security, empower innovation and accelerate return on investment realization. To learn more visit Splunk Cloud Platform Migration



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Cloud Customers

Add your “Security Contact” Today for Cybersecurity-based “Data Breach” Legal Notices

We work hard to protect your data. In the event of a data breach incident, we need to act fast and be confident we’re communicating with the right people. Good news, we’re making it easy for you to add and manage this through our new “Security Contact” feature. Please take a few minutes to add one or more individual emails or email aliases as your Security Contact(s) through the Customer PortalLearn more here.



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Talk to Splunk Product Design

Our product design team is currently looking for Splunk users to talk to about their experiences with Splunk products. Sign up here to participate in upcoming studies and shape the future of our products and roadmaps!




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Splunk Lantern is a customer success center that provides advice from Splunk experts on valuable data insights, key use cases, and tips on managing Splunk more efficiently. We also host Getting Started Guides for a range of Splunk products, Product Tips, and Data Descriptor articles.

This month we’re sharing a swathe of new articles written by fantastic Splunk partners. We’re also requesting help from Splunkers and partners to help us write articles on a range of hot topics requested by Splunk customers. If you’re a Splunker or partner with expertise to share, we’d love to hear from you! 

Read on to find out more.



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Register for a FREE Certification Exam, Now in Beta

Are you ready to validate your knowledge of all-things-Observability? Then you’ll be happy to know that we have a New Splunk Certification: Splunk O11y Cloud Certified Metrics User. Registration for this new Certification exam is open NOW in beta. 

As a beta, this exam is FREE for all candidates, is a bit longer, and the results are valid for those who pass,  but the results will not be available until May or June.

If you feel ready and qualified for the challenge, practice for the exam using the test blueprint and register for a free exam appointment. All the details can be found on the Splunk Registration Page on the Website.



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Did you join the recent Builder Tech Talks on getting the most out of the new Splunkbase user interface? If not, you can watch the replays and join the discussion in the Splunk Community. 

With the new year come lots of new and updated apps in Splunkbase! Or maybe you want to see what’s popular among Splunk customers. Take a look and try a new app!


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We are Happy to Share the Newest Updates in Splunk Cloud Platform 9.0.2209! 

Analysts can benefit from faster troubleshooting, enhanced drill-down capabilities, streamlined viewing of Dashboard Studio and Classic dashboards on Splunk Mobile with a scannable QR code for each dashboard that automatically registers users and displays the dashboard on their mobile device, etc. 

Admins can benefit from easier configuration with a user interface to directly set specific stanzas, improved security management with the ability to limit which domains can import images on their dashboards, etc.

Read the blog post for more details!




Tech Talks

Now On Demand

Security Edition: Fusing Intelligence into Splunk SOAR | Watch Now

Platform Edition: Splunk Cloud Platform Migration Lessons

Learned | Watch Now


Until Next Month,

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