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July 2022 | Splunk Platform Newsletter

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

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July 2022


Improve Your Security Posture Today

Splunk platform now ships with an improved security posture, including an updated set of security settings that can support secure TLS configurations across all nodes, user-friendly search processing language (SPL) safeguards, improved secrets and password management, semantic versioning of search APIs, native smart-card (CAC/PIV) support, and additional security updates.

We strongly encourage customers to upgrade Splunk Enterprise and the Universal Forwarder to 9.0 as soon as possible to ensure the strongest security posture possible. For more information and details, please read our documentation, watch our Tech Talk, explore Splunk Lantern for upgrade assistance, and view our FAQ.


Splunk Assist: Cloud-Powered Insights at Your Fingertips, Just for You

At this year’s .conf we launched Splunk Assist, a cloud-connected service for Splunk® Enterprise that puts your telemetry data to work. Now you don’t have to worry about things like when your certifications will expire, or which apps need to be updated - we’ll tell you! Read more about Assist in this latest blog post.


Get Started with Machine Learning in Just a Few Clicks

Explore three new beta applications introduced at .conf22 that simplify complex and time consuming tasks while lowering barriers for customers to unlock the power of ML in everyday workflows. Learn more about the Anomaly Detection Assistant for Splunk (beta), Smart Alerts Assistant for Splunk (beta), and SPL Copilot for Splunk (beta).




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Education Corner

A huge thank you and congratulations to all of our Splunk University class of 2022 alums —  and a special shout out to those who tested their knowledge and got Splunk Certified!

We met hundreds of you at the booth, the Hands-on Labs and at the first ever Bragging Rights Lounge to celebrate your accomplishments. 

Even with all this excitement behind us, we still have big news: a totally reimagined web presence for Splunk Training and Certification is coming this August along with an exciting new rewards program. Follow us on LinkedIn to get a sneak peek in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on!



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Get Inspired with Splunk Community 

Learn about the .conf22 experience from a community perspective

Memories of .conf22 are still simmering over here with the Splunk Community Team. We laughed, learned, shared, taught, and even got to hug (!) many of our community friends for the first time in three or more years. And, whether you were able to attend in Las Vegas in person or virtually online, the Splunk community presence was strong.

The "Community Hub" at the conference became the main hangout spot and offered 1:1 attention for attendees from both staff and the SplunkTrust, who helped in real-time with technical questions at our "Ask the Experts" booth. The Community and SplunkTrust breakout sessions were also a big hit. There was so much positive social energy bursting throughout all of Splunk's Community programs. So much so that it's hard to put into words. But, we tried! Check out updates and photos from the community and get a feel for what the experience was like on the ground.

Read the blog post to see community-based .conf22 highlights from Splunk's biggest event of the year!



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Do More with Lantern

Are you looking for more ways to get insights from your data?

If you want to expand usage of your Splunk environment, the Splunk Lantern data descriptors can help.

  • Data type descriptors look at generic categories of data - such as code management, storage, and web server data - without specifying which product or vendor the data come from.
  • Data source descriptors look at specific data that your Splunk deployment might ingest, such as Active Directory, GitHub, or Salesforce. 

These articles are discovery tools. They help you by linking to use case documentation that shows what you can do with that data in your Splunk deployment. They also link to Splunk documentation and Splunkbase add-ons so you can learn how to get data into your deployment easily. The Splunk Lantern team adds more data source articles all the time, so check back often to find information on the data sources in use at your organization or tell your CSM what kind of Lantern articles can help you succeed with Splunk.



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Find an App on Splunkbase

Updated apps:

Are you collecting data from your Linux systems? The popular Splunk Add-on for Linux was updated recently adding support for Splunk Common Information Model (CIM) v.5.0.1 as well as Ubuntu v22.04 and Red Hat v8.6 OS. This add-on collects Linux data such as CPU metrics, memory metrics, swap metrics, disk utilization, system load, and more.

With the update to CIM v5.0.1, there are updates to other add-ons including Splunk Add-on for MySQL, Splunk Add-on for NGINX, Splunk Add-on for RSA SecurID, Splunk Add-on for Cisco ASA, Splunk Add-on for Symantec Endpoint Protection, and others.

The Splunk Security Essentials app updated recently and delivers new and enhanced features including the ability to create custom content from third-party applications, filter content based on the originating app, investigate Analytic Stories, filter content based on risk and threat, view fields for risk-based alerting in Known False Positives, see an overview of your data inventory, and find content to use in your ransomware defense with the Ransomware Content Browser.

Don’t miss the latest Splunk ES Content Update which packs so many updates, they take a whole page to describe!


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Platform Product Adoption Board

Our most valuable resources curated just for you

Last month, we were thrilled to launch our new Platform Product Adoption Board, a curated “homebase” of the most vital Splunk resources to bring you success with Splunk Platform. These boards feature a wealth of valuable content, including:

  • Invitations to free workshops
  • Essential EDU courses and Splunkbase apps 
  • Our most valuable Tech Talks
  • Recommended use cases
  • Classic .conf sessions, each with bite-sized product demos

and much, much more!

This week, we’ve added some *fresh new content* that you’re not going to want to miss.

  • Hot off the presses, we have two new feature demonstrations from the .conf22 Opening Keynote address: Data Manager and Federated Search!
  • We’ve added a slew of Splunk Mobile content, including a series of 60 second “how-to videos” designed to get you up to speed quickly.
  • Lastly, we’ve created a short video overview of Splunk Lantern, our amazing repository for use case guidance.

Look out for more content updates in the coming months! And if you have any feedback or recommendations for the boards, please be sure to give us your thoughts here. Thanks!

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