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/logs/audit/db/ -- delete files from this folder

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Received some error that indexing is paused since /logs/audit/db/ was full of logs. Deleted some of the folders from /logs/audit/db/ to clear some space and now Splunkd does not start. Please assist in getting this working again. Thanks in advance.

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Re: /logs/audit/db/ -- delete files from this folder


Check to see if the disk that Splunk uses for indexing is out of space. This will cause Splunk to stop indexing.
As the Splunk admin, look under Manager -> System Settings -> General Settings for the following values

Path to indexes - this is where the Splunk indexes are stored. From this, you should be able to tell which volume/disk is being used.

Pause indexing if free disk space falls below - this setting defines the minimum free disk space. If the free space on the disk/volume falls below this, Splunk will pause indexing.

More information on these settings here (Scroll to the last part of the page.)

I believe this is probably what has happened here. But I could be wrong. How many files were in the /log/audit/db directory? What was the exact error message? (You can find it in $SPLUNK_HOME/var/log/splunk/splunkd.log)

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