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how to monitor memory usage per process?

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Hello, I'm looking to monitor memory usage by process, with currently perfmon logs, we are getting CPU usage by Process but not memory, Any suggestions to get those events?

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you have to configure your perfmon input to collect memory usage by process:

counters = % Processor Time; % User Time; % Privileged Time; Virtual Bytes Peak; Virtual Bytes; Page Faults/sec; Working Set Peak; Working Set; Page File Bytes Peak; Page File Bytes; Private Bytes; Thread Count; Priority Base; Elapsed Time; ID Process; Creating Process ID; Pool Paged Bytes; Pool Nonpaged Bytes; Handle Count; IO Read Operations/sec; IO Write Operations/sec; IO Data Operations/sec; IO Other Operations/sec; IO Read Bytes/sec; IO Write Bytes/sec; IO Data Bytes/sec; IO Other Bytes/sec; Working Set - Private
disabled = 0
instances = *
interval = 10
mode = multikv
object = Process
index = os_nometrics