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Why check log file was not updated for more than 5 mins?


I have a log file which should be updated in every min, but some time service hung, so the file cannot get update. Need to send an alert: if the file wasn't updated more than 5mins.
But tried with the following different ways, the results seems not accurate. Any idea? Thanks.

I did:

index=abcapp source=abc.log"
| sort _time
|streamstats window=2 range(_time) as timediff
|table timediff _time
|eval alert=if(timediff>=5,1,0)
|where alert=1

index=abcapp source="abc.log"
| sort _time
| delta _time as timediff
| eval alert = if(timediff>5,1,0)
|where alert =1

index=abcapp source="abc.log" earliest=-5m latest=now
|stats count as num
| eval alert = if(num=0,1,0)
|where alert =1

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| tstats max(_time) as _time where index=abcapp earliest=-20m
|where _time<now()-300


You can adjust the windows (earliest= parameter). Might not return proper values if you have some invalid timestamps from the future in your undex (didn't test for it though).


Thanks for helping, this works. 

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