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Splunkd crash log - couldn't parse hash code


The following line is found when I try to restart the stopped splunkd process:-

05-12-2010 14:30:50.819 ERROR WordPositionData - couldn't parse hash code:

Cannot get Splunk running again, Please advise

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Usually, more information is required for investigating crashes:

  • Which version of Splunk?
  • Which platform?
  • What's in the crash log?

If by chance you're running 4.1x on Windows, the error most likely to points to an issue with corrupted metadata files due to a crash. The corruption of metadata files due to crash will be fixed in 4.1.4. In the meantime you could try to repair your metadata files per this answers post:

Or, contact support and provide a splunk-diag from the instance in question for further assistance.

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