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Hi All, 

Looking for some help on a new cloud instance we have and to understand it a bit better. 5gb per day. I have a Non IT Sec Background.

I have checked the CMC dashboard overview and am showing a 0GB ingest Volume. 
Throughput by index is showing values with a max of 11.597kb (last 24 hours)

When i go to the CMC dash / License Usage / Ingest - everything is blank and no figures showing ( but search is working)

When i go to the CMC dash / Workload - i can see

SVC usage at its highest at 5.418

Current Searchable index storage at 16gb

_Internal = 11

_metrics = 4

_introspection = 1

Data Ingested Graph = "no results found" 

I have so far ingested a small 8kb excel csv file to a lookup table and created a small inputlookup dashboard from here with a few graphs and charts. 

I have not set up any UF or any API feeds etc. 

Is the CMC not showing my daily usage quota as my files i have imported are so tiny ?  if so is there a way to show the kb/mb and not GBs at this stage?  or a way to show a simple bar graph of daily License 5 g and what total of this i have used per day ? ( i believe i used to have this simple to read info under licence when i had the enterprise, but do not seem to get the same results on cloud) 

Thank You All. 

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The CMC was recently updated.  If it's not showing expected results then there may be a bug in it.  Contact Splunk Cloud Support.

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