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Not enough free disk space on the search head, and not enough free swap space on the indexer


Hi all,
We enlarged RAM and CPU capabilites on the indexer and search head. After that we had a problem on these servers: the free disk space decreases dramatically on the search head (in a few minutes to 0%), and the free swap space decreases dramatically on the indexer.
After servers reboot the problem temporarily disappears. The problem repeats in a few days.
There was no such problem before enlarging RAM and CPU capabilites.
In the logs splunk did not find anytheng.
Can this problem be related to the enlarging RAM and CPU capabilites? Where else to look for the cause of this problem?
Guys could you comment on this?

We have 1 indexer and several search head:
Splunk Enterprise Server 6.5.2
Linux, 47.1 GB Physical Memory, 12 CPU Cores

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What exactly do you mean by We enlarged RAM and CPU capabilites?

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Be sure to configure logrotate for the Splunk internal logs, they can grow to around 25MB each pretty quickly.
Another option is to symlink /opt/splunk/var/log/splunk over to /var/log/

Here is how I configure logrotate on my Splunk nodes:

/var/log/splunk/*.log {
    rotate 7
    create 0644 splunk splunk
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Sorry, but i think, this is not gonna help. @lkeli_spl please comment.

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